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Godiva Festival 2023
Godiva Festival 2023
Broadgate Farm - Easter 2023
King's Coronation 2023
Marsh Wedding 2023
Godiva Festival 2023
Nutt Wedding 2023
King's Coronation 2023
Birmingham 2022
Broadgate Farm - Easter 2023
Abundance 2021

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Are you a local small business looking for your next opportunity to have a stall at an event near you?

Are you an event in need of assistance, or are you wanting to put on an event but not sure where to start?

Are you in need of a gazebo or two, fire extinguishers or maybe you are looking for a photographer?

Looking for some event assistance?

If anyone can, the #ConfluxCrew can!

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Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games / QBR 2022
Coventry Council - King's Coronation
Coventry Council - Godiva Festival
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